Tuesday, November 16

Sunday November 14 2004

As has been noted on Justin's, Jane's and Trip's blogs we met in our new setting, the Case Cafe, this past Sunday. This space will suit us well.
Also, this past Sunday morning Tripp and Larry were at North Park Covenant Church presenting and discussing the church and our hopes for Reconciler with the adult Sunday school class. We were very much encouraged by the interaction with the group of 30 or so who were present. The interaction with the class on the church and ecumenism, was lively and challenging. Tripp and Larry enjoyed their time of presentation questions and dialogue. We hope that those in the class found the time as enriching as we did.
We thank Rev. Doug Johnson and North Park Covenant Church for the opportunity to share and discuss with them the vision and hope of this fledgling church. We look forward to the discussion and relationship begun to continue.