Wednesday, December 8

urban shrine

urban shrine
urban shrine,
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One of the things that I think about is how Christian faith and growth in faith is challenged by and nurtured by an urban environment. I think that the urban environment demands a certain creativity and perhaps particular responses from believers. This has been so since the time of the desert mothers and fathers. The monastics dwelling in the cities wrestled with different demons than those living in the wilderness.

I am curious how others manage the city and its demands on faith. Perhaps you do not experience such a distinction, but it is something I wrestle with. For example, I find the pace of the city to be distracting and a great challenge. Commuting, public transportation and a multiplicity of activities available all in the same moment can be harmful to my spirit. It is something I have to ballance.

Do others struggle? In what way? Have you found answers, creative responses to the challenges?

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