Tuesday, May 10


Jane, Tripp and Larry were invited by Bob Webber, professor at NBTS, to talk with his class about Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler this morning. We were warmly recieved by the group. Our presentation took the form of Bob interviewing us about different aspects of Reconciler: how the three of us came to the point of planting an ecumenical church, the theological underpinings and differences, and how that is reflected in our liturgy. Throughout the interview we took questions from members of the class. The questions were thought provoking and stimulating, occasionally pulling us into territories we have not yet gone as a church, and for which we are still developing answers. It was a joy to spend time worshiping with his class beforehand, sharing with them the vision and reality of Reconciler, and taking part in the seminary's chapel service.

We also joined Bob Webber and some members of his class for a smaller group discussion and reflection over coffee and lunch at a local Starbucks. A very rich time, and fun. We thank Bob for the opportunity and the students for their engagement with us and their thoughtful questions and disputations.

On other fronts:
As we are working towards getting a final draft of our constitution we have also been looking at the ways in which the Community of the Holy Trinity and Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler can be associated and work to gether as church and community. Part of this investigation has been to open up conversation with Alan Howe of Reba Place Fellowship. We have been encouraged to come and visit Reba Place Fellowship at one of their Monday evening Potluck's and Bible Studies. We are looking at planning to attend Monday the 23rd of May. We want to encourage all from Reconciler who can to come.
Through our conversation with Alan Howe we hae been made aware of two other church plants in Roger's Park and hope to be able to enter into conversation with them. One church plant is Living Waters Church, started by members of Reba Place. The other church plant is a Christian Reformed church start.
We take the presence of these other new churches that God is doing a work in Roger's Park and hope we can find away to work knowingly along side each other as we follow the leading of the Spirit.

Lord God, look upon your Church and send us Your Holy Spirit to unite us in one body, with one faith and one hope. So may we grow together into the perfect love of you Kingdom with Christ our Lord.

The Pastoral Team