Thursday, May 26

Weekly Update

We have now entered ordinary time according to the church calender, the season after Pentecost. It is the season of the Church where the lectionary begins to focus on the teachings of Jesus, on what it means to follow Christ. If from advent to Pentecost we are reminded of what God has done and worship God for what God has done. In the season of ordinary time we focus on what God continues to do in the world and through the Church, and what our responce to God's acts should be. The color of this season is green, fitting as a symbol of life and eternal life because in this season we are challenged with what it means to truly live, to have life abundantly.
Even as we are looking for a permanent space and using the chapel of the Community of the Holy Trinity God has continued to bless us with many visitors. We have been blessed by their presence and have been blessed by those who have visited and returned a second time. We are glad you have come and have returned to worship with us again.
There are still challenges ahead of us as we seek to be an ecumenical church, the least of which is finding a space to worship. If anyone has some suggestions for space please do let the pastoral staff know so we can add them to our list of possible spaces. We are preparing for completing our first draft of our constitution and by laws, and we continue conversations with the leadership of the local regions of our respective denominations.
May God bless you in this season after Pentecost and strengthen you in faith as you seek to follow Christ in the world.
The Pastoral Team