Wednesday, August 10

Weekly Update

I mentioned in my sermon on Sunday that I walked a labyrinth set up in a class room at North Park Theological Seminary. The more I reflect on my exprerience of walking the labyrinth the more I am conviced it is a helpful image for us. Like a labrynth our path of the last year has wound around and I know that I at least feel like we are beginning again. We are in August and have been meeting for worship at the apartment of the Community of the Holy Trinity, as we were last year at this time, looking for a place to meet. Yet, we are not simply at the beginning, for nearly six months we worshiped at Chase Cafe and we have two regular worshipers with us who we did not know a year ago. There are a number of other things that are different as well. I can not say what this year will hold but I do know we are called to walk by faith and to pray and listen to the leading of the Spirit.
Jane and Tripp are both on vacation this week, but will be back on Sunday. As we move toward's fall we have a number of things on the horizon. Our Constitution will be completed, we will be having a meeting to reveiw and aprove the final draft of the constitution at the end of August. We are also hoping to have some meetings with various denominational representatives to get a better idea of the nature of the process of seeking to afiliate with all three denominations and get a better idea of the length of time we are looking at and ensure we are following the appropriate proceedures.
We continue to be blessed with visitors we had a couple visit with us this past week
We are also having this Thursday at 7:00 PM our third artist gathering at Enuie Cafe here in Roger's Park at the corner of Sheridan Rd. and Lunt. It is a time for artist who are Christians or interested in the intersection of faith and art to gather and have a place to share experiences and talk about faith art and life.

The Pastoral team