Thursday, October 20

Weekly Udate

We are coming upon some significant dates in the Liturgical calendar, All Saints day, where we remember those who have gone before us in the faith and have run and completed the race, without whom we would not know the Gospel. And then we finish the church year and enter into Advent. 1st Advent will of course mark our first anniversary as a church. much has happened in this year, and God has been at work. Two of our current members have come to us after 1st Advent of last year and we have had many people join us for worship over the past year. We are registered as a religious corporation with the state of Illinois have a completed constitution and have formed a church council. All significant markers in our life together as we seek God together. As we complete another liturgical year may we pray and reflect and may God continue to Guide us as we move forward in the work God has for us at Reconciler
Our consultation this past Saturday is one way we are seeking God's wisdom through those who have experience and insight in our respective denominations. The Consultation went very well. 14 people were able to make in and the discussions were lively and insightful. We are deeply thankful to all who were involved and we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and there is much for us to reflect on both as a Pastoral team and as a congregation. We were encouraged that God is in this church start and its ecumenical vision, but were also challenged by the significant hurdles that will need to be cleared as well as the need better communicate our vision in positive terms and show in our articulation of our vision how it is related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jane will be ordained to the Priesthood this Saturday, a significant step both in her ministry and the life of Reconciler.

May each of us grow in the wisdom of God, and learn what is our calling as members of the church, the body of Christ.