Tuesday, October 25

Weekly Update

What the soul has to do in the time of quiet is only to be gentle and make no noise…Let the will quietly and prudently understand that one does not deal successfully with God by any efforts of one'’s own. - Teresa of Avila

I have been reading and rereading this quotation from Teresa every day for the last couple of weeks. It always amazes me how noisy my life can be. I am not speaking of activity pper se. I am speaking of all that internal noise that sounds in my mind, heart and soul. I know that the two are connected, the internal noise and the external activity. But what I have been learning lately is how little of my external activity, even the things I enjoy most like spending time with my wife or playing the mandolin, is enjoyable to me if I have created an inward stillness.

Oh, please understand me. I try to create that inward calm all the time. I try and try. Teresa's words, however, are a gentle reminder of how all is a gift from the God that spoke us into being...even what is often thought of as the fruit of discipline.

We have much to be thankful for at Reconciler:
  • Our meeting on October 15th went swimmingly. The Church Council will receive a report from the pastoral team soon.
  • We have a Church Council!
  • Our own Jane Ellen Schmoetzer was ordained to the priesthood last Saturday. It was a glorious celebration. To top it off, she presided at Reconciler's table Sunday evening for the very first time!
As previous updates have stated, we acominging up on a very busy time at Reconciler. The litugical life of our congregation will be quite active. All Saints and other feast days approach as does Advent. First Advent will be the celebration of our one year anniversary. We will let you all know if there are any special plans afoot.

Finally, there are a couple of reminders. First, this weekend we will all need to change our clocks. "Fall back" is the motto. So, change your clocks Saturday evening before you go to bed and enjoy the extra hour of rest. Secondly, we will not be meeting at Immanuel Lutheran this coming Sunday. We will meet at the Community of the Holy Trinity at 6443 N. Bosworth, apt. 2 at our usual worship time. Immanuel has a concert scheduled for our usual worship time. The send their apologies for the inconvenience.

We all look forward to seeing you there.

Tripp Hudgins
The Pastoral Team