Friday, February 10

Our vision

Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler is an ecumenical congregation. In calling ourselves an ecumenical congregation, we are seeking to invite and welcome all to Jesus Christ who reconciles us to God and each other. Practically speaking, ecumenical means that three denominations are officially represented through our three pastors and our official affiliation as a congregation. To be ecumenical is to recognize difference while seeking to be bound together by a common relationship to God in and through Jesus Christ. Because of this belief the central activity is our worship of God, focused on hearing God’s word and celebrating communion. In the rite of communion we encounter Jesus Christ in the common objects of bread and wine, also known as the Eucharist.

▲ We come to the Eucharist together from various places seeking the reconciliation of those differences that divide us from each other from ourselves and from God. It is our belief that it is only in relation to Jesus Christ that the differences that threaten to divide us can be reconciled and unified.

▲ All of this leads us to desire to be a place of healing and welcoming love – where through seeking the unity and reconciliation offered and promised by Christ all may find themselves reconciled to God, in love and hope – joining with all the archangels and saints, worshiping our God and Savior Jesus Christ together in the unity of the Spirit.