Tuesday, March 28

Weekly Update

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Hello, Friends. There is much going on at Reconciler these days.

First, we want to congratulate Rev. Jane Schmoetzer. She has received and accepted a call to serve in Montana. Though we are more than saddened to have her go, it is great new for her and her family. Please keep Jane and the entire Schmoetzer clan in your prayers. And keep Reconciler in your prayers as we seek to fill Jane's position on the pastoral team.

To that end, we do have a couple of possible applicants. Due to the unusual nature of our congregation, the two interested parties we have will be visiting with us from time to time over the next few months. There is funding possible through a "Mustard Seed" grant from the diocese to support such a position. Keep your eyes peeled. Be hospitable. It should be quite exciting.

In other news, Holy Week approaches. And, as we have already shared, Reconciler has been asked to work with Immanuel Lutheran this year. Larry will be preaching on Maundy Thursday. Tripp will be singing with the choir and serving as cantor from time to time. Kate will serve as a reader at the Great Vigil. Immanuel has been very generous with us. This is no so much an invitation to join them in worship, but an opportunity for our two communities (with St. Elias) to worship together. God be praised!

The Holy Week schedule is as follows:

4/13 Maundy Thursday: 7:30pm
4/14 Good Friday: 7:30pm
4/15 Easter Vigil: 8:30pm

On Easter Sunday, Reconciler will hold its usual worship service at 6pm. In stead of the standard eucharist service, however, we will have an evensong eucharist. We are hoping that it will be a quiet way to bring Holy Week to a close and usher in the Easter season.

This is a good plce to remind everyone that in the Easter season we will be using a Baptist hymnal. For the first couple of weeks it may be the older hymnal that North Shore Baptist Church was so kind to donate. But eventually, we will purchase a newer hymnal for our use. With that in mind, some interest in forming an actual worship committee has been expressed. Please e-mail or see me after service if you are interested in serving on that committee.

As a final note, I will not have office hours on Wednesday evenings again until after Easter. I will be rehearsing with Immanuel Lutheran's choir on Wednesday evenings. I am very excited.

Peace and all good things,

Tripp Hudgins

The Pastoral Team
The Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler