Thursday, June 29

Weekly Update

I see Ordinary time as the time to reflect on how we interpret the world in light of the coming of Christ, his life death and resurrection , which all form the main content of the seasons of the rest of the Church year. In our past two Bible studies I have encouraged us to begin with the broad cosmic and mystical vision of Christ and the Church offered us in Ephesians. In a sense this is what the Church year and its festivals are supposed to provide for us. The structure of Ephesians and the Church year suggests that our ethics and our engagement with the world is dictated by the mystery that God reveals in Christ and the Church. Though this mystical vision is misunderstood if it believes that the locus of God's revelation also bounds the territory of God's working in the world. Rather the locus of the revelation gives us the means to correctly interpret God's activity in the world, so that we may see and witness to God's saving works in the world and participate in the movement of the Spirit in our midst and in the world.

This Sunday we welcome Laura Gittardi-Littell to our pulpit as she preaches. She is also a potential candidate for Jane's position.
Also, this Sunday a news crew from the CBS 2 affiliate in Chicago will be present at our evening service. Tripp Hudgins was also interviewed today(Thursday). This is all part of a news segment to be aired July 10th on the Emergent Church Movement.
July 9th Rev. Cynthia Hallas Rector of St. Giles Northbrook and the Ecumenical Officer of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago will preside at table and be meeting with the search committee after the service to outline her understanding of our options in seeking an Episcopal priest for Reconciler. We are thankful for her presence and her continued support of the work of Reconciler.

Our Search Committee has been formed, it will meet this Sunday evening after service and next Sunday July 9th after service.

We continue to seek those interested in being cantors, lectors, and prayer leaders. A few have responded. We are hoping though to have enough respondents that we may begin weekly rotations.
In Christ,
Larry Kamphausen
Pastoral Team