Friday, September 29

Almost Weekly Update

But surely, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.
-Psalm 54:4

As this fall begins, I find myself consumed with work and the demands of friends and family. All of these demands are blessings to be certain, but they are demands no less and at times I find them all taxing. Then I am reminded of God's promises. God is my helper. Our vocations of work, family and friendship are often challenging, but God aids us in our times of need. God upholds our lives.

But Joan Chittister reminds us of the other side of the coin.

The God-life, Benedict is telling us, is a never-ending, unremitting, totally absorbing enterprise. God is intent on it; so must we be. The Hebrew poet Moses Ibn Ezra writes: "Those who persist in knocking will succeed in entering." Benedict thinks no less. It is not perfection that leads us to God; it is perseverance." p. 65 "The Rule of Benedict: Insight for the Ages

We are upheld in this work. As we persevere, as we knock, God desires nothing more than our fulfillment. In this way are we upheld when weary. In this way are we upheld when burdened.

May God uphold you as you knock. May you find God's blessing and peace in your lives.


Our Bible study continues this coming Tuesday! Come one. Come all. We will be working through Acts and reading the Rule of Saint Benedict using a book that has daily readings from the rule with a brief reflection by Joan Chittister. Our hope is that in the 14 weeks of the bible Study that we will take these reading up as a daily devotional. All are also invited to join the community of the Holy Trinity in their evening prayer service at 7pm before the Bible study.

We are holding a "kitchen goods" drive for Sarah's Circle. North Shore Baptist and the Community Church of Wilmette are helping us collect essential kitchen items such as small appliances, pots and pans for Sarah's Circle. For more information, please contact Jeremy John.

Believe it or not, the holiday season is approaching. As you all find out, please let the pastoral team know if you will be in town over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are making plans with Immanuel about shared worship once again and we want to know your availability so we may make appropriate plans.

Tripp Hudgins

The Pastoral Team
The Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler