Friday, October 20

Almost Weekly Update

Let the person who cannot be alone beware of community.
Let the person who is not in community beware of being alone.

from Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoffer

Our weekly Bible study and reflection on the Rule of St. Benedict has proven to be quite fruitful. We have wrestled with the difficult nature of the Book of Acts, the seemingly random violence and the innate chaos of the Church at its inception. And we have questioned and pondered the Rule of St. Benedict. In the end, it appears that we find ourselves wondering where community resides now. Where can we find one another and Christian life together in the same place? Where is discipline. In short, as a friend recently said to me, we wonder to ourselves, "Where is the church?"

Brother Roger of Taize said "For a life to be beautiful, extraordinary abilities or great expertise are not required. There is happiness in the humble giving of oneself." Perhaps this is the beginning...or continuation...of our search. Perhaps this is where we may begin to find the Church in the world and one another as brothers and sisters of the Risen Lord. It is surely only the beginning, but, O, what a beginning!


Our Bible study continues this coming Tuesday! Come one. Come all. We will be working through Acts and reading the Rule of Saint Benedict using a book that has daily readings from the rule with a brief reflection by Joan Chittister. Our hope is that in the 14 weeks of the bible Study that we will take these reading up as a daily devotional. All are also invited to join the community of the Holy Trinity in their evening prayer service at 7pm before the Bible study.

Believe it or not, the holiday season is approaching. As you all find out, please let the pastoral team know if you will be in town over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are making plans with Immanuel about shared worship once again and we want to know your availability so we may make appropriate plans.

Spiritual Direction: We would like to remind anyone who is interested that Larry Kamphausen is available for Spiritual Direction. If you are curious about possible resources or would like Larry to be your director, please contact one of the pastoral team.

Peace and all Good Things,

Tripp Hudgins
The Pastoral Team