Sunday, December 10

That was the longest litany in the history of the universe...but I think I liked it.

Edit. I have changed the date on this post to keep it to the top. Also please your thoughts on the lighting of the Advent Candles and the silent procession we began this past Sunday December 10th.LEK
Well, brothers and sisters, you did it. You managed to pray and praise your way through a sung Eucharist and the Great Litany. Excellent work in the processing, all. And a special thank you to Rev. Dave Hedges for his assistance. I thought it went well.

But I want to know what you all thought.

What did you think of the Great Litany? The language? The processing? The chanting? The bells?

What did you think of processing in general?

Regarding the Eucharist, what was it like to sing so much of it, or to hear the prayers chanted? I am curious how it was for those who are unfamiliar with the practice.

What element from the liturgy would you like to see make another appearance?
What would you rather not see again?
Anything riding the fence for you?

Let us know. Comment away!