Thursday, January 25

Reconciler Update

This Sunday is our first congregational annual meeting. Another exciting mile post in our journey together. Yet, I also think at these times of corporate reflection and decision making there can be two things that could get in the way of our hearing God and being able to follow the direction of the Spirit: 1) feeling that we aren't doing enough as quickly as we should or 2) feeling overwhelmed by what lays ahead, and what we have yet to achieve. The problem isn't the recognition that there are still things that need to get done or changes in ourselves as a community that could be beneficial to our growth in the Spirit, but resides in an inability to rest in what God has already done in our midst and is doing. We are here at this juncture because God has brought us here, and brought us here together. We have responded to God and God's work, this is not simply our creation.
God is calling us to do and grow, but God also calls us to rest in God. My prayer is that we can learn as we continue to move forward and grow to have the trust in God that allows us to rest in what God is doing in and through us.

As I said above this Sunday we have our congregational annual meeting: 3PM at the "Nidge" the house of the community of the Holy Trinity. We are having a potluck and meeting. If you have not yet contacted Will concerning what to bring please do so ASAP.

We will have our worship service at its regular time 6PM.

Church Retreat:
We have been talking about having a retreat at the Benedictine monastery in Three Rivers. Tripp has been in contact with them and there are currently two weekends available for our retreat. February 22,23 or March 3,4. Please let us know if you wish to attend and if so which weekends work best for you.

In Christ,