Friday, April 27

Reconciler Update

We are now fully in the Season of Easter: a festive and yet reflective season. The need for reflection comes when our world reminds us that we are still in between the promise of the Resurrection and its ultimate fulfillment. I choose to interpret the use of Revelations in the Revised Common Lectionary as a reminder of the end toward which we are moving. In that sense the festivity of Easter is a challenge to us to continually internalize the meaning and significance of the Resurrection. Certainly this is a great resource of hope for our lives in what is as often as not a chaotic and pain filled world. Given this reality the question continually before us is do we live as though the Resurrection is truth and that through our baptism we have been fully identified with Christ both in his death and his Resurrection. The truth and reality of the Resurrection is both promise and the reality we live in now as the Church. So we sing out Alleluia!


Bible Study:
Continues this Wednesday at 7:30 PM in the side chapel of
Immanuel Lutheran church. We are studying the Pilgrimage itinerary of Egeria a 4th century nun who visited the Holy Land and recorded the various worship practices and holy sites she found on her way. The study will focus on how the worship she describes became the source for the development of lectionaries, the church year and the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter. There will be four sessions. First session will focus on the interaction of place, prayer, scripture text for marking foundational events and people for the Faith. The second and third sessions will focus on the Holy Week and Easter liturgies in Jerusalem, which eventually spread throughout the church. The fourth session will focus on worship at Reconciler as it relates to the forms of prayer and liturgy Egeria witnesses to in her itinerary. This final session will lead into the worship committee open forum on May 23rd.
Worship Committee:
Would like to invite all interested Reconcilers to come to a worship
committee meeting 7:30 PM Wednesday May 23 at Kaffeine in Evanston -- to discuss such hot-button liturgical items as: Which version of the Lord's prayer we want to use? What kind of processional
cross do we want to purchase? And....what about inclusive language
Summer Community Outreach:
We are planning to have a booth and be a presence at The Glenwood Arts Festival and the Edgewater neighborhood street festival this summer. Both Festivals are in August. Please consider including helping out with the booths as part of your summer plans. More information to come.
In Christ,
Larry Kamphausen