Tuesday, September 4

Announcements in lieu of Weekly update

August seems to be a time where none of us pastors had time for writing a weekly Update. The Glenwood Arts Festival August 25 adn26th was a fun time, and our booth of Daniel's, Bear's and my (Larry) art seemed to bring greater interest than our booth at the Clark Street Festival. Daniel's pieces and the icons seemed to be of the most interest. Tripp and I were able to meet a couple of pastors from other congregations in Rogers Park. Thanks to everyone who helped staff the booth, and especially to Chrissy who signed us up for the booth and organized the staffing of the booth.

Now for the announcements:

A reminder our worship time is moving to 5PM this Sunday, September 9.

We are planning an all church leadership retreat for the fall at the Cenacle retreat center here in Chicago, November 30th and December 1st, Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Our next Council meeting is Thursday September 20th.