Friday, May 16

Reconciler Update

This Sunday we celebrate God's self-revelation as Trinity. Trinity Sunday Marks our moving into the Season after Pentecost or Ordinary Time. We have walked through once again the seasons and feasts that mark God's saving acts in Jesus Christ, that make possible our return to the relationship and relationships God created us to have and which apart from God and Christ we cannot achieve. This relationship is to enter the communion and relation of the Holy Trinity. Having Celebrated the feasts of the Gospel, and spent time in fasting and reflection and repentance we now move into a time of living out the Gospel. As we journey through the long season of Ordinary time we are called to live out life in communion with God who is a community of three persons and to allow ourselves to be brought into that community ever more in our daily lives, and our innermost attitudes. The Scriptures we will hear over this long season will address this aspect of the life of faith, and what it means to be a follower and disciple of Christ and member of the church, Christ's body. The season is green, symbol of growth and abundant eternal life which we have and are offered in Jesus Christ. May we find ways to grow and deepen our knowledge of the Love of God who is a community of three persons, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

This Sunday Jorge Sanchez will be preaching again.

The council met this week and decided to have a week of response to the recent tragdies in Burma and China. There are two ways the council is encouraging us as a congregation to respond as a people of faith. First we will have a week for prayer and fasting. We encourage each of us to choose one day to spend in fasting and prayer for the softening of the hearts of the Military leaders of Burma who are preventing aid to come into the country and allocated to the people in need and to simply lift up in prayer all those who are suffering from such great loss in both countries. Second we are collecting means for contributing financially through Episcopal, Covenant and Baptist channels. You will be receiving information about how to make contributions through each denominations aid agencies.

The Search committee will be meeting this week Wednesday the 21st at the 'Nidge, 7:30 PM.

The search committee recommended and the Council agreed to consider a candidate for an interim Baptist Pastor. The search committee is focusing interviewing and presenting this candidate who will be considered in the coming month. More information will follow soon.

Thursday June 5th our Social Action Committee is sponsoring a panel discussion on Fair trade from 7-9PM in Immanuel Lutheran Church's Sanctuary.

We are preparing to take part in two neighborhood summer Festivals. The first is the Clark Street Festival Sunday July 13th, the second is August 23rd and 24th at the Glenwood Arts Festival. Soon you will be receiving communication about helping staff the Clark Street Festival and for setting up and taking down. If you'd like have your art in the booth for the Glenwood Arts Festive please talk with Larry.

In Christ,