Wednesday, November 12

Reconciler Update

We are in a time of reflection, rethinking, evaluating and attempting to make sense of how we function as a congregation. In the past several months I feel we have done and are doing a good job of this. We are currently and have been by choice and accident a little less active as a congregation. This lessening of activity makes me think of fall and winter, or of a field being left fallow for a season that it may regain nutrients it needs to support future crops.

Fall and winter are times of pruning and waiting. Winter on my grandparents farm of fruit trees and vines was a time of waiting and preparation. The vines and the fruit trees were dormant without leaves. One prepared for the coming spring, but such preparation was of necessity without the activity of the times of spring and summer, when fruit trees needed pollination and ground needed fertilization and intense irrigation, and eventually the fruit harvested. So if things have felt In the past several months at Reconciler like there had been some pruning and if of late things have seemed to slow down, perhaps because we have been in a time of fall and winter. But I think I see a little sign of spring for Reconciler even as we here in Chicago are about to begin winter. So, let us wait together in confidence that we are in a good and natural cycle and be prepared for when the activity and fruitfulness of spring and summer will again be apart of our life. Let us whatever the season continue to seek God together and perhaps find some needed rest and enjoyment in the remaining of our winter.

What Does Larry Think? The Potluck-
Come to our house to find out more about what Larry thinks. We grilled
Laura and Melissa, don't you want to grill Larry (in a nice, warm, cozy
way: maybe just re-heat slightly, at least)? True, he's well-marinated,
but aren't you curious regarding what he thinks about salvation, grace,
and abortion? Fill in the blank: bring your own questions, and bring a
dish or beverage. Relaxed, and quite drinkable.

Monday, November 17th, 7:00pm
Charity and Jeremy's House
1425 W. Sherwin Apt #3-B
Chicago, IL 60626
home: 773-262-2975
cell: 317-850-7383

Church Council meets next Thursday November 20th at 7:30 PM in the "Nidge. All are Welcome.

Loyola University is conducting a Food Drive, as par of Hunger Week in November. We will be participating by collecting cans of food on Sunday Evenings. Bring those Cans This Sunday.

Malaria Nets Challenge:
mMlaria is a terrible disease which has been eliminate din most of North America, but kills the children of Africa at the rate of two per minute. The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago can put a medically treated net over the bed of a child for just $12. Kate will be collecting the funds and passing them on to the diocese. Let her know to direct your cash, or check made out to church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler (write "malaria nets" on the memo line) Malaria Nets Challenge, or drop it in the offering pot with a note; you can also mail it to her c/o Reconciler at 1510 W. Elmdale Ave., Chicago IL 60660.

In Christ,