Wednesday, January 18

Week of Prayer For Christian Unity, 2012

Today begins the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  The theme for 2012 is "we will be changed by the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ" This Year an ecumenical group from churches in Poland bring us this theme and materials for reflection and prayer. You can find Scriptures Meditations and prayers for each day of the next eight days at the Graymoor Ecumenical Institute's website We will be sharing tonight in an Ecumenical Bible Study at North Shore Baptist Church and on Sunday using the Lima liturgy in our worship as we pray in communion with the prayer of Jesus “that they all may be one” (John 17:21). You may find more details at on our Facebook page and Google+ page. Our Sunday worship will be at our usual time of 5 pm and our usual place the chapel at Immanuel Lutheran Church 1500 W Elmdale.