Friday, March 2

Encountering God, Ourselves, and the World: The Liturgy and Reconciler’s liturgy

Reconciler’s liturgy was created to allow for a space for people to freely explore the Christian faith and find their relationship with God deepened in the worship of the Church.

Reconciler’s liturgy brings together various liturgical elements based on the ancient liturgy of the Church as interpreted through the Ecumenical movement, particularly what is known as the Lima liturgy.

In this series, we will be exploring how our spiritual journey and relationship to God, each other, and the world is expressed and deepened in the liturgy in general and Reconciler’s liturgy in particular.

Whether you have come to Reconciler on occasion, or attend regularly, or simply a spiritual person wondering what Reconciler is all about join us, for this exploration of the Liturgy. 

We will be exploring the liturgy life and spirituality in four parts as follows:
Thursday March 15th, at the ‘Nidge, Community of the Holy Trinity, 1510 w Elmdale, 7:30 pm
Sunday March 18th Teaching Eucharist at our Regular worship time of 5 pm.
Friday March 23rd TBA
Thursday April 19th TBA