Friday, May 25


our Celebration of Shavuot Pentecost starting tomorrow evening going through Sunrise will be at Immanuel Lutheran church in Founder's Hall, beginning at 8:30 pm.  We will be worshiping also at our usual 5 pm time for a service of Vespers and Eucharist.  More information on Shavuot/Pentecost bellow.  Feel free to come for any part of the celebration or the whole thing.
There is only One God, who appears to us and we perceive/experience in many ways. 

Shavout is a celebration of the season of the barley harvest and the time of the giving of Torah, when God "descended" to Sinai and the Jewish people were born.

Pentecost is when the Jewish disciples gathered for Shavuot in Jerusalem, where Jesus had told them to wait, and the Holy Spirit "descended," 3000 people joined them and the Church was born.

It is custom to stay up all night on Shavuot in order not to miss the giving of Torah. In Christianity there is a custom of Pentecost vigils. That night we will gather with our friends at Jesus Christ Reconciler, to be together with the One God whom we call by different names, to learn, pray, meditate, eat dairy, shmooze and then go to the beach for an early morning (optional) mikveh and sunrise prayers.

At mid night, 12:48a.m. this year, on Shavuot it is said the channels between us and God are the openest they get without any intention on our part. We will start a meditation shortly before then to prepare ourselves for this opening, during which we may have a frank and intense discussion with Creator.

Sunrise, 5:17 a.m., is the time of the giving of Torah. We will head out to the beach before then for an optional Mikvah (immersion in living water), morning prayers and receiving Torah anew. Torah means teaching and one way to think about this experience is that we receive our Torah, our instruction, for the year on Shavuot morning.

Before and in between all this will be sessions to help us connect with God, using art, movement and discussion, along with singing of Psalms and selected readings from our sacred texts. We will also engage the full nature of the Jewish/Christian relationship with compassion, patience and open-ness. 

Bring something for the veggie/milchic (fish ok) pot luck.