Sunday, March 20

Holy Week Update

Hi all,
We have had difficulty in keeping up with our weekly updates. So here is a reminder about our Holy Week Services. All are invited to join us for worship.
Where ever you might be worshiping for Holy Week we encourage you to enter fully into the drama of the church's marking and commemorating these events of our salvation and the salvation of the world. The point of these celebrations is to enter into the way of Christ, that we may renew our minds, and have in us the Mind of Christ.
Our Holy Week services are as follows:
Palm Sunday Service: 3/20 This will be held at our regular time and place...6pm at Chase Cafe.
Maundy Thursday Service: 3/24 This will be at the Community of the Holy Trinity, 6443 N. Bosworth #2 at 7pm. There will be a simple meal and a foot washing liturgy.
Good Friday: 3/25 This service will also be a Community of the Holy Trinity, 6443 N. Bosworth #2 at 7pm.
Easter Vigil: 3/26 We have reserved Chase Cafe for this Saturday evening celebration. The service will begin at 11pm and end at about 1am
For the Easter Vigil We have use of the entire space at Chase Cafe, so there is room for a lot of creativity. The Great Vigil of Easter can be a deeply transforming liturgy. In it we will hear a retelling of the creation story and the salvation of Israel, God's chosen. We will all have the opportunity to renew our baptism and partake of the Lord's Supper. This is the Great Feast of the Church. We want to encourage as many people to come as possible. The promise of the resurrection is for the whole world. From the New Zealand Prayer Book, we have this word: Lord of the passover, you have lit this night with the radiance of Christ; renew us in our baptism, and bring us through the Red Sea waters to the promised land. The whole of the world is lit with Christ's light. Thanks be to God!
We wish you a blessed Holy Week
-The Pastoral Team