Monday, March 21

Palm Sunday Sermon

The Drama of Holy Week

I. Intro- Today we Celebrate Christs coming into Jerusalem as King, as Prince of Peace as Messiah
a) What has been uncertain is made plain.
b) The signs are there, in donkey and colt.
c) Stay with me in this triumphant moment in the Drama of this day. We know the end of the Story but stay here in this space. Can you feel the excitement, the Thrill. This day this joy is part of the way of Christ
II. Our Psalm enjoys us to rejoice in this day, it is made by God. Dont rush ahead.

a) Can you feel the excitement. Here is Jesus.
b) Can you feel the relief of the Disciples?
c) All the tumult over Lazarus the threats to Jesus life, melt away on this day.
III. But we know the end of the story we know Good Friday is coming, and we know, Easter is just after that. But dont rush ahead Stay here in Jerusalem with the crowds the excitement, the triumph, the authorities dumbfounded.

a) This day is as much the way of the cross, this jubilation this excitement on the edge of something.
b) Something is about to happen, the air tingles with anticipation.
c) The forces of opposition of evil, of apathy seem to have been pushed back and yet, somehow this isnt then end this isnt victory.
d) We know this day in our lives, in our walks of faith, dont we? When doubt melts away, when God is real, when faith makes sense. When the world doesnt seem so hostile after all? This is the day that the Lord has made, Rejoice and be glad in it.
e) But we know what comes, we know the cross looms, but dont rush ahead stay here with me.  

IV. Yet partof this day of this rejoicing of this triumph is knowing that something looms on the horizon there is grumbling. We know that this triumph this powerful yet peaceful and grace filled proclamation of Christ is not the victory.

a) A triumph like this very public isnt always the victory, but this joy this excitement is part of the way of the cross, the way of Christ. The spontaneous acclamation, the affirmations that this is true, are part of our walk of faith.
b) This is why we must not rush ahead, there is a place for joyful tension of knowing that this is good but not the whole story, that something looms on the horizon.
c) Yes the cross, and yes the final victory.

V. Conclusion: This day Palm Sunday, the day of the Triumphal entry is our day, the day of the church. it is in between.
a) Today is a foretaste of that day when every knee shall bow, and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Yet we have not reached that day. This day is as much a part of the walk of faith, of carrying the cross as Good Friday and Easter.
b) So rejoice the prince of peace has come and the world has seen it and some have recognized it. Stay here in the excitement; Good Friday will come soon enough.
c) The shadow in this day is already the shadow of the cross, but the light behind that shadow is the light of the Resurrection. This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be Glad in it, as part of the rhythm of the drama of the way of the Cross.