Wednesday, June 14

Almost Weekly Update

As we have moved from Easter to Ordinary time, various changes have taken place for Reconciler. First Jane Schmoetzer had her final Sunday with us Trinity Sunday, as she preached her final sermon on the Trinity and community. We are in the midst of the search for an Episcopal Priest to fill the position Jane leaves open. Tripp on June fourth began as pastor of Wilmette Community Church, as he continues as co-pastor with Reconciler. He and his wife Trish have moved into the parsonage of Wilmette Community church in Wilmette. The community of the Holy Trinity has moved into the Parsonage of Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Ordinary time seems to be a period of change in our young community. Last year at this time we were in the midst of change as we had lost our space at Chase Cafe when it closed down. Last year at this time we were looking for a new space while worshiping in the chapel space of the Community of the Holy Trinity. By contrast the current changes while creating some uncertainty are more obviously open to possibilities than had been obvious to us last year. However even the loss of the Chase cafe space opened up for us the growing relationship with Immanuel Lutheran Church, that has already born much fruit for us in the last year.

As we enter into the next several months of Ordinary time I encourage us to settle into our new landscape and seek God seeing where he continues to lead us.

For all who are regular attending services there are some areas of opportunity for deepening ones involvement with Reconciler:
We are forming a search committee to take leadership in the search for Jane's replacement. We need people for the Search Committee. Currently set Meeting dates are July 2, July 9, and August 13. There will be three other meetings and committee members will need to attend all services where the candidate is preaching. The work of the committee may well go into the Fall.

We also need liturgical ministers: Readers, Cantors and Prayer Leaders Wanted! Are you interested in leading in the hymn singing? Are you interested in leading the Prayers of the People? Would you like to be on a regular rotation of Lectors(Scripture readers)?
If you are interested in any of these opportunities for service speak to Tripp and Larry.

O Christ, in the brightness of your face we behold the glory of the Father. By your grace direct our steps in your way, in communion with your whole People , for you are Lord forever, amen.
(Praise God: Common Prayers at Taize)

In Christ,
Pastoral Team