Tuesday, June 20

A Testimony as Parable

The sermon I preached on Sunday is not something I can duplicate online. I spoke of a time in my life when God was most present...even if I was unable to articulate it at the time. I gave a testimony of this time in my life, of God's saving acts.

A testimony is our own parable. You see, initially I was unable to see God in my life. But as I return to those memories, I reinterpret those times in my life. I can see God there working for my salvation.

A parable is an open-ended story. Dan Via, a professor who was at Duke, wrote that parables are not Aristotelean alegories with specific meanings. They are Jewish puzzles, tales with no ending per se. They are intended to be engaged again and again...with new meanings discovered every time. They have a life of their own.

The same can be said for our lives. We can revisit our memories...and indeed we should. We may find that during times when we felt most alone, God was working overtime to bring about our salvation. This is God's love for us.

God love us that even if our faith is supremely small, like a mustard seed, it is enough for us to move mountains. Our salvation is not assured because we are giants of the faith, always strong in our convictions, supreme in our understanding. No. We are saved because God loves us. That is all.

May God greet you with such grace.

For all who are regular attending services there are some areas of opportunity for deepening ones involvement with Reconciler: We are forming a search committee to take leadership in the search for Jane's replacement. We need people for the Search Committee. Currently set Meeting dates are July 2, July 9, and August 13. There will be three other meetings and committee members will need to attend all services where the candidate is preaching. The work of the committee may well go into the Fall.

We also need liturgical ministers: Readers, Cantors and Prayer Leaders Wanted! Are you interested in leading in the hymn singing? Are you interested in leading the Prayers of the People? Would you like to be on a regular rotation of Lectors (Scripture readers)? If you are interested in any of these opportunities for service speak to Tripp and Larry.

Tripp will not be present at worship this coming Saturday. He and his wife, Trish, will be off in Virginia to attend (and preside) at a friend's wedding.