Sunday, July 22

Reconciler Update

As we began the summer I encouraged us to see the connection between our reflection and action. I am thinking more about this especially when various aspects of reflection and interpretation such as meditation, theology etc. can be seen as at best getting in the way of action. Certainly we are called to act in the world, we are called to compassionate action and live out our lives justly and righteously (I say both though the way we tend to divide these terms into the political and the moral this division is not one we get from the Scriptures). Yet what we do, who we act needs to emerge out of relation and being. If we are called to be neighborly, it is because we are to find in ourselves through the Spirit of Christ being transformed and our hearts opened up to the triune life of God. It is my firm conviction that if we truly seek after God, and open ourselves up and meditate together on whatever is good and true, and through this renewing our minds so that we have the Mind of Christ, neighborly action in the world will follow. I do not believe the problem is Christians fully reflecting on the meaning of the Gospel and finding themselves in God but never acting, rather the problem is that Christians and churches have failed to truly be renewed. The problem is a putting the hand to the plow and then looking back and never allowing God to bring us out of the world into the abundant life. Yet , even for those who understand this is a constant struggle, and so we must both act and reflect, move between the two and reject that one prevents the other but we must all seek together the mind of Christ. I believe this means some of us may be more active in the world others of us more reflective and we need each other. This is being the Body of Christ with many members and differing functions, it is together finding ourselves in God, who then sends us transformed again and again into the World.

In the fall our worship time will change to 5PM starting September 9th. The hope is that this change of time with providing childcare will make our congregation more welcoming for families with young children.

Shared Worship with Immanuel Lutheran Church -- Sunday morning 10:30 August 5. No worship service at Reconciler that evening. Come worship with us Sunday morning, as we seek to deepen our connection to the Immanuel and St. Elias congregations, on our common "Campus of Discipleship."

We will be at the Glenwood Arts Festival August 25 and 26th. The focus will be on art from our artists in the congregation . Talk with Chrissy and Larry about displaying your art at the festival. Chrissy will be also organizing the staffing of the booth.

Potluck Supper and Reading of the book of James at Charity and Jeremy’s house July 27th at 7:30 PM. RSVP to Jeremy. Also Invite your friends who might not come to our worship.

'Nidge North (AKA Tripp and Trish's house) Potlucks and Movie nights TBA.

Pastoral Care - The Pastoral Team will be divvying up pastoral care duties. Each pastor will be "on" for a month at a time. Laura is available to handle any and all pastoral care needs at Reconciler for the month of July.

In Christ,