Saturday, January 16

Love as Insight and Compass: A Beginning

We begin in joy, in ecstasy and in light.  This time after the Epiphany.  We hear God speak of love and of being pleased.  We are astounded, unsure what to make of it all.

At a wedding, a wedding in Cana of Galilee, the provision of wine for the celebration runs out. This will cut short the celebration, but it is not earth shattering tragedy, no basic need met, except for the need of beauty and celebration.  Jesus at the behest of his mother turns over 100 gallons of water into some of the best wine tasted by the caterer of the wedding.

This is also a time to hear again John the Forerunner's call to metanoia, repentance.  In joy and celebration we are called to be open to being changed, to tear down our barriers to love.  Or more accurately to prepare ourselves to be transformed by God in Jesus of Nazareth.  We hear the call to ready ourselves for an encounter that will remove the barriers in ourselves:  Those things that keep us from hearing that God loves us and that this love will transform us in ways we may not be able to anticipate.

This is the joy of repentance, the joy of encountering the transforming love of God, and to be prepared to hear God say to us and all creation: "You are my Beloved, in whom I'm well pleased."

This is the beginning of love as insight and compass.  We contemplated the Joy of  Transformation.
Join us as we continue on this journey as we move towards Lent and through Lent into Easter and the Pentecost.
We next talk about this all as a love story.
Join us in this exploration.