Friday, January 8

Love as Insight and Compass: the liturgies of the Baptism of Our Lord to Pentecost

From loving knowledge and insight, we come to know what we are to do in the world.  Loved by God into loving ourselves, loving the world and other human beings. From this love flows true insight and knowledge that can be the place from which we live in communion with others and act in the world.  (Philippians 1:9-11/Romans 5:4-6)

Baptism and identification with Christ should affect our way of being in the world and should reflect what God has done in Jesus Christ   The way to be and live and act in the world begins at Baptism and is brought to fullness in the Holy Spirit who binds us to Christ and seals us to each other but also sends us into the world and animates our lives. 

What Is this exactly?
 This is an exploration through events, liturgies, studies, conversations, meditations that seeks to offer Christ and the love of God as a guiding (moral) compass.  This exploration assumes the reality presented to us in the liturgical church cycle from the feast of the Baptism of Christ to feast of Pentecost give us a means to act in love and justice in the world based upon our reflection on God, as Father Son and Holy Spirit.
This isn’t a teaching about Christianity or the Christian religion. There are many forms of Christianity and the Christian religion covers a large spectrum of beliefs practices and ways of engaging (or not) the world. The degree to which this is about religion or Christianity is so only as a particular take on a faith and spirituality originating in the stories of the Jew Jesus of Nazareth as the incarnation of God, and found in the liturgies, fasts, and festivals of the church year.

Who is this for?
Just about anyone. You don’t need to be a Christian or someone looking to be Christian. You may be a lifelong Christian or new to the faith.  This is for anyone who is uncomfortable with some forms of Christianity but still wonders if there might be something to Jesus of Nazareth and the rituals, traditions, and spirituality that have been attached to his name for 2000 years.  If any of this piques your interest come on out to some event or commit to follow it through from the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord through the feast of Pentecost.

A reflection by our pastor on Epiphany and this theme of love as insight.

 Watch for more details on specific events coming soon.   
Up coming events (Links to Facebook event pages):
February 26, God as Mother Hen, God's ferice love. Film viewing and discussion

Past events:
Epiphany party Saturday January 9th
The Joy of Transformation, a conversation, January 15th
Film viewing and discusion of Grosse Pointe Blank, January 22.
Feast of the Transfiguration Februar 2nd 2016
Ash Wednesday Eucharist and imposition of ashes
Contempaltion on the Tempations of Christ in the Desert